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The largest number of indroduction in Japan
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Original Applicaton
Increasing User's Loyality to You

and Leading to Next Purchase

GMO AppCapsule develops your app in a moment.
We achieve promotion for both new and existing customers.

  • iPhone & Android
    Create your app available on
    both iPhone and Android
  • 100% Original Design
    Enjoy our sophisticated design variations
  • Increase Customer's Loyality & Your Sales
    Boost your business through increasing customer's loyality by our strong functions for promotion
  • Largest Number of Introduction
    Having been used to develop 400+ apps, AppCapsule is one of the largest app builder.

Food and Beverages

  • sakura
  • Carls Jr.
  • senkichi
  • ikka

Amusement and Recreation

  • jiku
  • b@gus


  • R.O.U
  • takahashi
  • guruguru

Leisure, Recruiting, and Commercial Facilities

  • oasis
  • Umikaji Terrace
  • Gakujo

GMO AppCapsuile for
Delivering Information
and Contributing to CRM

  • No User's Personal Info
    You can send messages to users directly whenever you want. No personal information required unlike sending e-mail magazine.
  • More Shop Lovers
    You can increase your customer's loyality by targeted push notification and special benefits for specific customers; for example, customers who visited you last month!
  • Effective Promotion
    Optimal promotion is possible by reaching customers nearby you with geofencing notification specifically for your potential customers in your target area.
  • Best CRM Tool
    Manage your customer data combining data you have now and that from app including user attributes, user logs and histories, achieving optimal approach to your customers.

Case Studies
of Apps Developed by GMO AppCapsule

GMO AppCapsule, a harmless app builder, is for you
who is stuck with management and don't have much time to adopt new service.
Ideal promotion tool that is managable in your spare time without any special knowledge!

  • Official App of JOYSOUND

    Official App of JOYSOUND

    JOYSOUND's official app for customers to use the karaoke shop more convenient.

  • Official App of R.O.U

    Official App of R.O.U

    R.O.U provides its official app to let its customers enjoy their daily life with its products such as playful and imaginative stationery and cosmetic products.

  • Official App of HillValley

    Official App of HillValley

    HillValley, the Popcorn store locating in Chicago, Seattle, Vancouver, and Tokyo, providing this official app to deliver info of its popcorn by its specialists.

  • Official App of Umikaji Terrace

    Official App of Umikaji Terrace

    Umikaji Terrace is island resprt in Okinawa using its own app to provide customers with shop info, events, news, and special coupons.

  • Official App of SpaGardish

    Official App of SpaGardish

    SpaGardish, luxury spa with onsen, in Yokohama provided by Tokyu Sports Oasis has its official app.

  • Official App of HOOTERS

    Official App of HOOTERS

    The official app of HOOTERS, a casual American dining & Bar from Florida


Users' voice
KOZLIFE providing enjoyable daily life and tasty food
with Scandinavian products including furnitures.

Using push notification effectively,
around 300 KOZLIFE's apps are downloaded monthly and its clients are increasing


  • 01.What made you think
    to develop your own app?
    We were looking for optimal promotion measure at that time and knew that the introduction of mobile app had been increasing. Attracted by push notification that is only possible with mobile apps, we considered to develop our store app. We also thought that KOZLIFE, as a pionner who adopts new tool, might get topicality among customers.
  • 02.Why did you choose GMO AppCapsule?
    It was because there were many advantages against other services; for instance, variety of functions, customizablity of designs, optional ASO function to boost downloading of our app.
  • 03.What are the best point of
    developing your own app through GMO AppCapsule?
    We appreciate that the number of donwloads and users is visible. Even though we haven't been able to advertise our official app in our website and blog as we just launched it recently, we still see around 300 downloands monthly and more and more people come to KOZLIFE. We realize how high the use of app is when we dispatch push notifications.

Fulfilling App
Driving Users to Visit You

Unlimited use of our powerful functions for promotion is covered within basic fee of GMO AppCapsule.

Variety of concerns in your management: geting new customers, increasing customers' satisfaction,
and encouraging to repeat their purchase. GMO AppCapsule can solve all above
and you can easily have your original sophisticated application.

We help your business with our abundant functions including CRM and data analyses as well as with our full support.

Pricing for Each Usage

Choose the most suitable plan depending on your usage of app
GMO AppCapsule prepares optimal pricing for each categories of business.

GMO AppCapsule, user-friendly and low-cost app builder, is available for both clients who just want to experience it casually
and who expect the most effective use of it for optimal operation of multiple stores and promotion by fostering customers' loyality.

  • Bronze

    Experience the effectiveness of store app
    with the lowest range of price.
  • Silver

    Develop your original app allowing your manage your businesswith fulfilling functions.
  • Gold

    Ask for estimation
    Win in O2O market wth your high-quality app
    equiping full functions of AppCapsule!

Let's Create Your Original App

Bring online potential clients to your store with GMO AppCapsule

"Harmless, Inexpensive, and High-Quality" App Builder

It is always manager's concern, in effort of boosting their sales, that result is not big enough after taking several marketing solutions, that daily hard-wokring depriving them of time for marketing, and that developing their store app might be too expensive. GMO AppCapsule is the very service for such shop managers.

Application to Differentiate You from Competitors

For forthcoming mobile app society, you can achieve both acquiring new customers and encourating your existing customers for further purchasing with developing your store application earlier than your rivals.

You can easily create 100% original app in short period.
No prerequisite knowledge on app and programming is required.
We will fully support you for your promotion.