Increase customer satisfaction for next consumption

Fucntions for getting new customers and stimulating existing customers!
Easy-to-develop store app with high cost-effectiveness is available.

Functions for new/repeating customer acquisition
Effective store app for promtion easily


Bring Customers in Slack Period

Approach Directly to Your Customers

Push Notification /
Geofencing Notification

The probability of customers noticing your message increases sharply as your message is shown in home screen of their smartphone!! Geofencing can target only those nearby you. Both brings customers to your store in off-period.

Plenty of Functions for Bringing Customers to Your Store!

  • All Stores News
  • Each Store News
  • Push Notification History
  • ASO Measures
    *Search engine optimization in app markets
  • "SmaAD", our advertising service for app installation.

Encourage Your Customers to Come Back!

Increase Your Loyal Customers

Different Coupon for Each Shop

Attracting coupon can be a driver to urges customers to re-visit.
GMO AppCapsule enables you to dispatch notifation toward specific customers
for your more targeted marketing.

"Functions for Re-visit and Purchase" in AppCapsule

  • Coupons from
    all stores
  • Reservation
  • Check-in with Beacon

Increase Your Shop Lovers

Loyal Costomers Visiting You Often

Stamp Card Function

It's essential to let your customers enjoy to improve their loyality. AppCapsule does so with stamp card in your app such as point accumulation by visiting and purchasing.

Various Functions for Creating Your Shop Lovers

  • Digital Point Card
  • Photo Gallery
    of all stores
  • Photo Gallery
    of each store
  • Credit Card Payment

Special Benefit for Particular Customers

Surprise Your Customers

Setting of User Attributes and Preference

You can give specific customers surprise; e.g., through dispatching coupon valid in their birth month.

Surprise Targeted Customers

  • User Management
  • Segmenting Users
  • Web-view
    Connection with API
  • User Attributes Intgration
    through Connecting with API

App Usage at a Glance

What You Can See on Management Screen

Situation of User's App and Coupon Usage

AppCapsule displays data alowing you to see how much your customers use your app including transition of usage tendency. The effect on promotion by AppCapsule is visible by various analytic data.

Make You Look More Attractive

Branding Your Store

Various Types of Your App Home Screen /
Design Templates

Impression on your app is subject to home screen.
Designing high-quality and sophisticated app,
brand your store to increase your customer's loyality.

Functions for Your Attractiveness

  • Design Customization
  • Our Design Help
    Professional Support
  • Our Design Help
    Light support

Easily Developable and Manageable!

  • Develop E asily
  • Increase New Customers
  • Shop Information
  • Multiple Stores
    &Search Stores

Become popular store
with our thorough support
and 40+ functions!!