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Dvelop original app for promotion

Original Application
to Boost Your Promotion

GMO AppCapsule PRO has functions necessary for all promotion measures
by integrating with all user data and developing your original functions.

Four biggest features


We flexibly respond to your demand to add functions and modify layouts. We develop your original function connected with your existing systems and external tools.

Expansion with API

Check and modify user information, send notification, provide points, and update coupon and information; all of these can be automatized or eased with AppCapsule PRO.

Exclusive Server

Our exclusive server for PRO can improve your security and stability even under over-loaded traffic of network.

Detailed Analyses

You can analyze the numeber of downloads/users and the usage record are available in management screen. Detailed analysis such as each contents' view is available by integrating with external tools.

Unique Functions

Different Home Screens for Each Users

Home screen is fully customizable in AppCapsule PRO.

Classifying users by user attributes, the number of visits and current points, and last vist date, you can show different contens and layouts for different segment of users.

Ranking Users

You can embed point card with ranking function in your app in the form of either stamp card or pie chard.

Different grade of users is displayed, filtered through your standard. Automatic dispatch of coupon is also possible at the timing of upgrading your user.

User Role

You can set different extent of editing and viewing app on each editor such as app administrator, store manager, and store staff.

full access to editing and viewing
Store Manager:
limited to editing and viewing shop info, news, and user attributes.
only viewing user information of the store

Multiple Languages

Your app automatically switches language by identifying user's language setting. Input in each languages is required to send information in several languages.

Integrating with our API

API of AppCapsule PRO enables your app to connect with other systems, realizing automation of contents update and push notification. This let you be free from time-consuming operation such as delivering periodical information.


We visualize user activity history by using AppCapsule management screen and external analytic tools.

Its management screen allows you to analyze user information such as OS, attributes, and download date as well as the numnber and rate of using push notification and coupon. External tool lets you analyze the screen views of contents and duration of stay in each contents.

Other Prime Functions

  • News
  • Coupon
  • Products/Services
  • Push Notification
  • Web-view
  • Obtaining and Showing User Information
  • User Classification
  • News
  • Coupon
  • Products/Services
  • Push Notifications
  • Web-view
  • Obtaining and Showing User Information
  • User Classification


Who uses AppCapsule PRO?

Food and Beverages

  • sakura
  • Carls Jr.
  • senkichi
  • ikka

Amusement and Recreation

  • jiku
  • b@gus


  • R.O.U
  • takahashi
  • guruguru

Leisure, Recruiting, and Commercial Facilities

  • oasis
  • Umikaji Terrace
  • Gakujo

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