QWhat is GMO AppCapsule?
A GMO AppCapsule is app building service that enables you to easily create your application for iPhone and Android. This works for your promotion such as restaurants, hair/nail salons, accommodations, and hospitals/clinics.
Many functions for promotion unique to mobile application are embeded with AppCapsule: push notification, coupon, stamp card, and photo galleries. You can easily add functions you need from management screen, design your app with variety of templates, and enjoy flexible customization.
We also apply your app to App Store and Google Play for free to publish your app.
Q Let me know how I can start using AppCapsule.
APlease review our functions and pricing pages before your application; then apply from our application page. For any enquiries, please feel free to contact us.
QI don't have smartphone, but can I use AppCapsule?
AYou can create your app without it, but "GMO AppCapsule Preview App" is required to check your design and contents of your app on your development in management screen.
QAre there any limitations on the number of downloads?
ANo, downloads are unlimited.
QCan I advertise in my app?
ANo, we don't have that function, but you can do so with "GMO SmaAD," offering you cost-per-install (CPI) plan to achieve optimal advertisement. Please contact us for detail.
QWhat is the required operation system for application?
A iOS 8.0 or later and Android 4.0 or later
QWhat is the recommended system requirements for management screen?
AManagement of your app is available only with the following browsers.
Please note that operation on smartphone and tablet is not guaranteed.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or later
Chrome latest version
Firefox latest version

Safari latest version
Chrome latest version
Firefox latest version
QDo I need private server?
AAll required to operate your app including the server is included in our service.
QTo what extent technical knowledge and skill are required?
AYou app can be developed only with basic manipulation of computer and smartphone. No knowledge for cording and server is required.
QHow long does the procedure before releasing my app take?
AAfter confirming your initial payment, we issue your account to login the management screen, talking 1 - 2 business day. Then you need registration as a publisher. After our application to publish your app, you app is available within the following days. App Store: 1-2 week depending on Apple's examination Google Play: 1-2 business days.
Q Is our store suitable for AppCapsule?
AStores in various categories of business are using AppCapsule, including restaurants, hair/nail salons. Accommodations, and hospitals/clinics.
QCan I use my app to show information on my multiple stores?
AGold plan is able to show information for multiple stores in one application.
QCan you support OS update for iOS or Android
AWe do occasional update after the latest OS is released. Those with upper pricing plan are prioritized in this update.