Applying to Application Markets

QWill my application be examined before being released?
AApple Inc. requires its examination of all applications sold in App Store , while none is necessary to release in Google Play for Android.
QAm I supposed to apply by myself?
AGMO TECH applies your app to App Store and Google Play for you. You need your account in iOS Developer Program and Google Play Developer Console. Please refer to the following links for the detail of developer's account.

iOS Developer Program

Google Play Developer Console
QCan I specify the date of releasing my application?
AYes, you can when you do "Applying to Application Markets"on management screen. Please be advised to set the date, thinking the date is subject to the examination period of Apple Inc. We appreciate your understanding that we might not be able to meet your request due to prolonged period of examination and requirement of modification of your app contents, generating the need of re-examination.