Pricing and Contract

QWhat are the differences between each pricing plan?
AEach plan offers different functions and support.
Please refer to pricing page for more detail.
QHow much is the fee?
APlease go to pricing page.
QWhat are the available payment methods?
AMonthly payment can only be made through bank transfer to our/our agent's designated bank account. Credit payment will be ready in the future.
QWhen am I supposed to pay?
AWe ask you for payment on the day of issuing your user account for management screen after our confirmation of your initial payment,
QWhen is the due date of payment?
AOn your application for AppCapsule, we will charge your fee for next month as your initial payment within three working days. We can either sending the bill via e-mail or mail. Fee for the following month charged at the beginning of each month is due on 20th of each month.
*There is no minimum requirement for your contract.
*The fee for our special design service will be charged with initial payment.
QWhat if we cannot make payment on/before its due date?
AYour account will be suspended, making you unable to edit your application temporary. Another 30 days of unpaid fee will delete the contents and setting in your app and stop our contract.
QCan my plan be changeable even under existing contract?
AYou can only upgrade your plan. Please feel free to contact us to change your plan.
QCan I stop our contract in the middle of contract period?
AYes, please contact us to cancel the contract. Please go through the procedure for cancellation and note that we are unable to refund. Your information on app will be all deleted. If you re-start your contact, you have to develop our app from scratch as a new customer.
Q Is there minimum period of use?
AConsidering our pricing is monthly-base, minimum requirement of one month; however, you can always stop the contract anytime.